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The Firm

The Law Firm BVR&Partners is heir to a professional tradition which has its origins in the 1950s and that has been renewed over the years through specialization in the areas of historical expertise of the Firm and the targeted expansion of the same, which took place thanks to the excellent professionals which joined the Firm over the years .

The Firm has gained extensive expertise in the management of particularly sophisticated extraordinary transactions and in operating in contractual and judicial fields wherever an in-depth knowledge of both Italian and foreign legal systems is required and has specific experience, both professional and academic, in its areas of practice.

The Firm operates at both national and international level through its offices in Rome, Milan and London, and collaborates with other professional firms and financial advisors of high standing in order that the needs of its clients are always best met. This policy enables the Firm to ensure a high level of assistance even in cross-border transactions, involving more than one jurisdiction .

Over the last twenty years, the Firm has established close, permanent, working relationships with a number of law firms across Europe (London, Paris, Hamburg, Frankfurt, Zurich and Dublin), in the United States of America (New York, Boston and Miami) and in Asia (in particular, in China and Hong Kong)based on a ‘light network policy' thereby enabling it to obtain the best international legal advice for its clients and provide access to the leading professional firms available in every jurisdiction.
The Firm also provides extrajudicial and judicial assistance in the field of national and international arbitration.