BVR&Partners - Studio Legale Associato

Areas of Competence

National and international tax advice

The Firm advises its clients on the structuring and implementation of both nationally and internationally M&A, corporate finance and project finance transactions, also advising its clients on any tax related aspects. Particular attention is given to tax efficiency of the transaction, to the interpretation and application of international tax treaties and to the issue of transfer pricing (in this last case, coordinating, where necessary, with company auditors). Furthermore, the Firm advises its clients, both within the context of tax litigations in Italy before the competent judges (Offices, Tax Commissions, Courts and Supreme Court, i.e., Uffici, Commissioni Tributarie, Tribunali and Suprema Corte di Cassazione, respectively) and, in general, in their overall relationship with the Ministry of Finance and its agencies and also on the process of tax payment.